Which Brother P-Touch Machine is right for you?

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23 March 2014, Comments 0

There is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes labelling these days. With the Brother P-Touch range being as large as it is sometimes it can be hard to know which type of machine will suit your needs.

This is why I am going to lay down for you the different types of machines and their general uses to help you to narrow it down a little bit.

Types of Brother P-Touch Labelling Machines

Handheld machines are designed with portability in mind. They are lightweight and easy to use. There are however, two different designs of the handheld variety. There are the ones designed for home use and small office use and then there are the ones that are designed with toughness in mind for industrial use out in the field.

These are designed for use at a desk, however they can also be portable with the use of batteries instead of the AC supply. They have a larger screen than the handheld alternatives and their keypad is larger, therefore easier to use.

Dual Function:
Dual function machines are both Desktop machines as well as PC Connectable machines. These machines are similar in size and use to the Desktop machines with the added benefit of being able to connect to a PC. With the use of Label Making Software it greatly widens the range of applications, including the ability to design your label on the PC screen and the use of graphics.

PC Connectible:
These machines are used primarily connected to your PC. They do not have a keyboard or screen at all as everything is created directly on your computer. Some models even have the “Plug & Print” feature, meaning that there is no software installation required.

There is a huge range of Brother P-Touch Labelling Machines to choose from which means that there is one to suits your particular needs. Whether you want to be able to print barcodes, graphics or just label the containers in your pantry there is an affordable machine for you.

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Don’t forget that Brother is the only labelling system to use the patented Laminated Labels so your labels will stand up to even the harshest of treatment!
Give us a call on 1800 760 015 or email me at sales@polardisplaysandprint.com.au if you have any further questions in which machine best suits your needs.