Shopping Baskets

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13 May 2014, Comments 0

How Shopping Baskets increase sales in your store!

For all of the customers who come into your store, just to grab a couple of things on their way home, how many of those are you letting walk out of your store with a handful of items?

Imagine you are that customer and you walk down the aisle to grab the milk and bread you needed for kids lunches in the morning and as you walk down along the fruit and veg section you see apples and grapes which you don’t need but look so nice you grab a bag of each. On your way down to the bakery department the finger buns grab your attention so you take a bag along with your 2 loaves of bread.

At this Stage you are starting to juggle things!

Finally you get down to the milk and struggle to get it out of the fridge. You start to head to the checkout when you notice they have Cheese on special at a price you simply can’t refuse…. Except there’s a problem you can’t carry any more!

You are too busy and running out of time to go down the front of store to get a trolley, so decide to just keep heading to the checkout when you see out of the corner of your eye a stack of Shopping Baskets.

You quickly go and grab two Shopping baskets so you don’t squash your bread and finger buns. Grab the cheese that’s on special and on your way down the aisle you grab some bacon for breakfast.

On the way to the checkout you also notice the promotion on two blocks of chocolate and put a couple in your basket before heading to the checkout.

Now back to reality, ask yourself, would you want your customers leaving the store with just as much as they can carry or do you want them to keep shopping? It’s a very simple question, isn’t it!

The other moral of this story is that no matter what kind of shop you are it pays to have Shopping Baskets at the entry and at the rear of your store, depending on the size of your store you can spread them throughout so you don’t miss that person who decides to head to the checkout because they simply can’t fit anymore in their arms.

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