P-Touch TZ Labelling Tape – White on Clear 12mm


Self-adhesive, laminated P-Touch label tape – resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion, temperature and fading

Colour: white print on clear tape

Tape width: 12mm

Length of tape: 8 metres

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Product Description

Brother P-Touch laminated tape sticks to virtually any surface and is durable enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions. Because it is water resistant, it can be used outdoors, as well as indoors. It shrugs off spills of any kind, from water to oil to chemicals, and it won’t fade under harsh UV rays. It also stays on in hot and cold environments from freezers to microwaves.


Brother’s P-Touch TZ tapes are the only tapes available that have a unique lamination to make labels heat, cold, water, chemical and fade resistant. The labels are extremely durable, have a professional finish and will outlast other labels, giving you extra flexibility in your organising system, be it at the campsite, in the office or around the warehouse.

Types of Lamination

The laminated tape structure consists of six layers of material that are surprisingly thin, yet strong. Unlike most label-makers on the market, P-touch labellers print on the underside of the laminate, sandwiching text between two layers of film and making the characters virtually indestructible.

Abrasion Resistance

After 50 round-trip passes with a 1kg weighted sand eraser, Brother laminated tapes came up only slightly scratched, with the characters underneath completely unaffected.

Chemicals and Water

After being bathed in a variety of materials for two hours, Brother laminated tapes still managed to remain affixed to their surfaces with little damage. Even chemical spills, if wiped up quickly, result in minimal damage.

Non-Toxic Tapes

After testing by an official Japanese government food research laboratory, Brother tapes met the food sanitation law of Japan and were deemed to be safe for use near food. Brother laminated tapes also passed skin irritation tests.

Temperature Resistance

Brother’s P-touch tapes retain their integrity even at extremely high temperatures. When tested, tapes began to decompose only once the temperature reached 365°C. In adhesion tests conducted at cold temperatures, the tapes did not experience any adhesive strength problems or changes to the ink or tape, even at -50°C.

Fade Resistance

In tests performed to simulate a year of outdoor conditions, ink remained unchanged and all characters were completely legible. Brother laminated tapes were attached to coated metal plates and placed in a fade-inducing chamber at 83°C for 100 hours to simulate a year in a sunny environment. Then they were placed in a chamber at 63°C for 400 hours to simulate a year in heat and light, as well as water. Only yellow tapes showed significant signs of fading, while other tapes showed little sign of fading that was visible to the eye. This fade resistance reduces the need to reproduce labels regularly and is convenient for environments where legibility over time is important.

Dielectric Strength

In tests performed by Brother, white P-Touch tapes with black characters began to lose their electric resistance at an applied voltage of 8kv, and lost their resistance entirely at 11kv. Most other colour variations will have the same resistance.

Laminated Tape Adhesive Strength

Brother laminated tapes will adhere to almost any surface, including stainless steel, glass, PVC, acrylic, polypropylene and polyester-coated wood. The tapes stand up to hot, cold and humid conditions, and even adhere better when heated. Smooth, rough, flat or rounded surfaces
pose no problem for Brother laminated tapes.

Additional Information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 4 cm