Clean Thru Plus Mat


Anti-fatigue wet area clean thru plus mat

100% greaseproof nitrile rubber

Easily cleaning by mopping, sweeping or hosing & hanging

Comfort & safety

Size: 85cm x 150cm

Product Description

Anti- fatigue mats are great for helping with comfort when you are standing for a long period of time, reducing pains in feet, legs and lower backs. When working in areas such as a kitchen, food prep & service area, bars and other places where water comes into place most anti-fatigue mats are not suitable as they will collect the growth of odor-causing bacteria & fungi. The Clean Thru Plus mat on other hand is made from 100% greaseproof nitrile rubber, it features a antimicrobial agent which stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria & fungi. The Clean Thru Plus has specially placed drainage holes which will allow the moisture and contaminants to pass, therefore is a mat made for comfort & safety.

Being a mat made for wet areas generally the mat will become dirty, but no stress is needed as this mat is commercially launderable. They can be cleaned in a deep sink, however the recommended cleaning techniques are mopping, sweeping or hosing and hanging to dry. Only hot water and soap should be used to clean them. No chlorine cleaning products are to be used

Additional Information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 90 x 155 x 10 cm